Saturday, 16 January 2016

Chicken Franks Briyani


basnathi rice - 200- 300 gm
chicken franks - 6 numbers
ginger garlic paste - 2  - 3 tsp full
sliced onion - 100 gm
sliced tomato - 100 gm
green chilli - 2
thick yogurt - 1 -2  tbsp
coriander and mint leaves - few
oil - 3- 4 tbsp
ghee - 1 tbsp 
garam masala - 1/2 tsp ( cardamom, clove, cinnamon powder)
chilli , cumin, fennel, tuurmeric  powder - each 1/4tsp
coriander powder -1/2 tsp
salt - to taste.
 Soak rice, cut the franks into small pieces, cut onion, tomato and coriander & min leaves. Keep aside.
 Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan, add onion and saute till light brown.Add gg paste and again saute well.

 Add garam masala and mix well.
 Add green chilli and mint coriander leaves.
 Stir well.
 Add tomatoes and salt o taste.
 Mix and add all masalas,
 sprinkle some water, let it cook for 1 minute.
 Add sliced chicken franks.mix well.
 Add yogurt.Mix well.check the salt.
 Mix well. Mean while cook the rice 80 percent done and strain it.
 Spread the rice over the chicken franks masala.
 Add fried onions, mint coriander leaves. Close and leave dum for 10 minutes in a very slow flame.
 After dum close and mix well.
 Delicious chicken franks briyani is ready.
Enjoy ! Serve with raitha and pakoda.


Jaleela Kamal said...

kids favorite recipe , looks tempting

Jaleela Kamal said...

Step wise look amazing asiya