Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Left over make over recipe - Delicious Upma

Any left over thick gravy or kurma or salna  (chicken,mutton or veg) - 1 cup
roasted rava (sooji)- 1 cup
water - 1 and half cup
salt - to taste
ghee - 1 tsp
chopped coriander - 1 tbsp.

Steps to follow:
Roast the rava using 1 tsp ghee and keep aside.

Heat the left over salna or kurma or gravy in a vessel, add water and salt to taste.
When it boils slowly add rava and mix without lumps.Simmer the stove and close with lid for 2 minutes. Switch off. Garnish with chopped coriander,  mix and serve.
Delicious upma is ready. 


nandoos Kitchen said...

Healthy, tasty upma.

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Humphrey Addison said...

Prepare so very fast and simple… This is so beautiful and I’m sure it’s all super delicious! Looks so pretty, so good and sounds so awesome!for more information click here

nayana said...

tasty and yummy a perfect breakfast for all

divya said...

wow...very healthy n tasty upma...

chikkus Kitchen said...

Very tasty and yummy upma ...sounds delicious :)