Saturday, 21 December 2013

Nutella Egg Sandwich

bread slices - 3
nutella spread - 3 tsp or more
butter - 2 tsp
oil - 1 tsp
egg - 1
salt and pepper to taste
 Serves - 1
Steps to follow:
Apply butter and toast the bread.Cut the edges before toast the bread.
Heat oil in a pan ,just break egg and add salt and pepper to taste. Cook both sides.
Switch off  the stove and cut into equal halves.Now the omlette pieces are ready.

Spread  nutella on all the toasted bread slices.
Put an omlette piece on one bread slice and close with other slice of the bread, over that put another omlette piece and again close with the another bread slice.
Cut into half and serve immediately.  Tasty nutella egg sandwich is ready to serve.
This is my son's favourite !


Ramya Venkat said...

Yummy toast ka

nandoos Kitchen said...

delicious toast dear

Rafeeda AR said...

that is a different combination!

Arthy shama said...

I must say, that this is an unique combo. Should try at home :)