Saturday, 19 October 2013

Mutabbal / Baba Ganoush 1 &2 , Hammus / Chick peas dip

 Baba Ganoush (in Arabic )is also known as Mutabbal. It is made of eggplant blended with finely diced onionstomatoes, parsley and bell peppers It is made of baked, peeled, and mashed eggplant, blended with tahinigarlic, salt, white vinegar or  lemon juice. Cumin and chili powder  or pepper powder can be added. It is eaten as a dip with kkubuz or pita bread.This dish is very popular in middle eastern cuisines.

Baba Ganoush / Mutabbal -1
egg plant small or big - 400 gm
one small onion & tomato chopped 
chopped garlic - 2- 4 flakes
chopped red,yellow,green bell peppers -each half
chopped parsley - 2 tbsp
juice of half or 1 lime
cumin(optional),pepper powder and salt to taste
tahina paste - 2tbsp
olive oil - 2 tbsp.

Serves - 4
Steps to follow:
Arrange  the egg plants in a greased  tray, bake for 30 minutes, then  peel  or scoop out the flesh and blend it.
In a bowl add all chopped veggies, lime juice, salt,pepper,cumin powder to taste and mix well.
Add the blended egg plant to the mixed veggies. then add tahina., Again mix well.
Serve with khubz /Pita Bread as a dip. Enjoy !

 Baba Ganoush / Muttabal - 2
egg plant - big 1
garlic flakes - 4
small onion - 1
tahina - 2 tbsp
lime juice - small 1
salt,pepper,cumin powder to taste
olive oil - 2tbsp.

Serves - 4
Steps to follow:
Baked the egg plant in oven with garlic and onion for at least 30 minutes.
Peel  and blend it. Mix the blended egg plant with tahina, salt and pepper to taste.
While serving  on a plate or bowl pour the olive oil on the top.

 Hammus / Chick peas Dip :
canned chick peas - 250 gms
small onion - 1(optional)
garlic cloves - 2
tahina paste - 2 tbsp
olive oil - 2 tbsp
lime juice-2 tsp or to taste
salt - to taste.

Serves - 4
Steps to follow:
Blend the chickpeas with tahina, chopped onion and garlic and little salt to taste. Then mix lime juice and olive oil.
Hammus is ready to serve.
Serve with Khubz and grilled chicken.

Make, serve and enjoy the traditional middle eastern dips !


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Lovely dip .Very New to me.

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Delicious baba ganoush love it.

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gr8 recipe n delicious hammus....

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