Monday, 30 September 2013

Walk Through Memory Lane Event Announcement with a Give Away for October - 2013

Hello friends !
This month  I am guest hosting Gayathri's  WTML - Walk through Memory Lane Event . I really thank her for giving me this lovely opportunity for hosting her wonderful event at my space :). As soon as I came to know about this event I always like to participate  and used to share my recipes when  hosted by others. Luckily my authentic drumstick sambar recipe ( araithu vittathu) had been selected through random numbers  and receiving one year subscription of Tarla Dalal's cooking magazine. Thanks a lot Gayathri. She is an awesome cook and I like all her regional, traditional and innovative vegetarian recipes. 
Gayathri has recently started her own eggless baking venture in Madurai. To know more about her baking venture, do click here.

This  event is all about your favourite dishes which used to prepare by  your parents, grandparents, neighbours, friends  and  relatives, if any story behind the recipe also you can share.To Know more about this event visit Gayathri's Cookspot.

Rules for the event:

This event runs  through this month Oct  1 - Oct  31.
While posting the recipe please give a link to this page and Gayathri's Announcement page.
Usage of logo is optional. This will be useful to spread the word. 
There are no restrictions for the number of new entries.
 If you are linking an archived entry, please update it with the link to this page. 
Two entries from the archives are accepted. 
Only Vegetarian recipes accepted. Eggs not allowed.
Bloggers Please use the linky tool below to link your entries. 
Non-Bloggers can share your recipes  with details and pictures  to my mail ID I will include it in the round up. 
Subject – WTML
Your Name -
Blog Name - 
Recipe Name - 
Recipe URL - 
Recipe Image -
The most exciting part in this event is a cookbook give away. Friends Kindly participate and win the Cookbook.
Gayathri will select an entry through random selection and give away the book for the selected entry. I request all my readers to help me in making this event a huge success.
Note that the books Gayathri gives are not sponsored and it is her own contribution to the event. The book she chose is Everyday Cooking by Sanjeev Kapoor. I am not eligible for the give away.  

On the first of November, Gayathri will select a lucky winner and send a mail. After receiving her mail, you can give an address to which she has to ship the book. She will ship the book within India so if you reside abroad, please give an address in India for her to ship. 

Friends please link your delicious recipes here.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Macaroni Pulav / Pasta Pulav (Pressure Cook Method)

Macaroni - 200 gm
onion - 100 gm
tomato- 50 gm
green chilli - 2
chopped coriander and mint leaves- each two tbsp
ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp
garam masala, turmeric powder,chilli powder - each quarter tsp
medium thickness coconut milk - 1 cup
and water  needed- 2 cup (together nearly 750  ml or 800 ml)
oil - 2 tbsp
ghee- 1 tsp
salt - to taste.

Serves - 3-4 people
Total time - 20 minutes.
Steps to follow:

 Get ready with all ingredients.
 Heat oil,ghee in a pressure cooker, add sliced onions and saute well.
 When it turns  light pink in colour add ginger garlic paste.Saute again.
 Add sliced tomatoes, chopped coriander & mint leaves,green chilli and little salt.Saute well.
 Add all the masala powders mentioned above.
 Saute again in low flame for a minute.
 Then pour coconut milk and water. Check the salt.
 When it starts to boil add pasta.
 Close the pressure cooker. When first 2 whistles come simmer the flame.
 Leave it for one more whistle. Switch off the stove.Let it stand for 5 minutes.

Now the Delicious Juicy  Macaroni Pulav is ready to serve.
Serve with any chips.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Caramel Custard Pudding

This Creamy rich caramel custard is very simple  to make and delicious too. 

for the custard  :
sweetened condensed milk tin - nearly 400 gm
full cream milk - same as condensed milk ( measure with that tin)
medium sized eggs - 2 or 3
vanilla essence - half  or 1 tsp

for the caramel 
sugar- 2  - 4 tbsp

Serves - 4 -6

Recipe Idea - My Cousin Sister - Binusha Fathima, Chennai.
Steps to follow:

Keep the ingredients ready.

 To make the custard  just break the eggs in a medium sized bowl, pour the sweetened condensed milk then  pour same measurement of milk and vanilla essence.

 Beat  and mix thoroughly.
 To make the caramel  place the sugar in the heavy bottomed pan and heat until the sugar dissolved and the mixture is bubbling and  gold in  colour. Here adding one tbsp water is optional.

Now the caramel is ready.
Pour carefully to the bowl immediately.Leave it to cool

Pour the custard over the top of the caramel and cover  the bowl with aluminium foil and keep ready.

 Pressure cook the caramel custard for 20 -25 minutes .or (you can bake it in the gas oven  at 180 degree C for  30 -40 minutes.)

Remove the bowl from the cooker and leave it, cool for at least 30 minutes. Keep it in the refrigerator for an hour.
Loosen  the caramel custard pudding,Place a serving dish  upside down on top of the dish and invert.Give it a gentle shake if necessary to turn out the custard on the serving dish.
Yummy home made caramel custard is ready to serve.
Cut and simply serve or serve with fruits. Enjoy!
Thanks Binusha for sharing the ever yummy caramel custard recipe. Now this becomes my daughter's most favourite one.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Custard Fruit Feel

A beautiful custard fruit salad to serve as a refreshing starter or to round off a good meal and You know no party meal would be complete without  desserts.

ready made or home made foam cake - 1/4 kg ( cut into small pieces and keep aside)
How to preprae custard:
thick fresh milk - 500 ml
custard powder (vanilla flavoured )- 2 tbsp full
sugar - 5 tbsp 
fresh fruits such as -
(medium size apple & mango - each 1, green & black grapes,sliced pine apple -each half cup)
or fruits of your choice.Peel &cut into small pieces mix and keep aside.
few mint leaves -  to garnish.

Serves - 8 .
Steps to Follow:

Mix the custard powder in half cup water and keep aside. Boil the milk.Mix sugar and stir well. Switch off the stove,  when it is hot pour the custard mix to the hot milk. Mix well and keep aside.
Remove the skins of apple,mango,pine apple  and slice uniformly.Remove the seeds of grapes and slice it also.Mix the fruits and keep aside.

How  to make Custard fruit feel :
Keep 8 equal sized dessert bowls ready.
First add one scoop of mixed  fruits in each  bowl ,then add few pieces of foam cake and pour 2 tbsp of custard to all bowls and keep in the fridge for at least one hour.
Serve this yummy  dessert in the party.

Recipe Source : My SIL Fouzia. Thanks fouzia for sharing this yummy recipe.

Sending this yummy dessert recipe to 100th Post Give Away @ Cutchi Kitchen.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Perfect Kerala Matta Rice / Brown Rice Cooking

kerala matta rice ( brown rice) - 2 cup
Water - as needed ( nearly 2 and half litres)
salt - to taste.
Steps to follow:

 Rinse 3 times with enough water and soak for at least 45- 60 minutes.
 Then boil the required water in the pot.
 Add the soaked rice. Let it boil for 15 minutes in a medium flame. Switch off &  close with lid. Do not open. Leave it for at least 15 -20 minutes. In another vessel boil some water and keep ready.
 Then switch on the stove add salt to taste.Add some hot water and simmer the stove and cook for another 15-20 minutes.

 Drain the pot with the help of clips or using strainer. Close with lid. Let it stand for 10 minutes.

Open and serve hot soft perfect kerala matta rice.Celebrate Onam with Delicious Onam Sathya !

Happy Onam to all my  friends! Enjoy!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Falooda - SNC - 12 (September Challenge)

 Divya Pramil from You too can cook started this South Vs North Challenge event.

 This month challenge for southern team is Minnie's Falooda.Thanks Minnie for the Yummy Challenge and for the northern team the challenge is Traditional Viji's Ellu Poorna Kozhukattai.

I am a part of southern team so linking  this Falooda recipe to Minnie's thelady8home.

1 cup of milk chilled plus 1 more cup
1/4 tsp saffron
8-10 almonds soaked in a small bowl of water
8-10 pistachios
1 tsp chironji/ charoli (optional) (These are small seeds primarily found in Indian stores.)
few  cashews chopped fine
4 tbsp rose syrup or rooh hafza
1 handful of whole falooda noodles
3 cups of water to boil noodles
1/4 cup basil (sabja) seeds
4 full scoops of Vannila ice cream. 

Steps to follow:

Add 2 tbsp rose water or rooh hafza in one cup of milk and chill. Place it in the refrigerator until ready to use. 
Soak basil  seeds in one cup of water till they are plump. 

Warm 1 cup of milk, soak saffron, add 2 tbsp of rose water, cover and chill for at least one hour or till ready to use.
Boil falooda noodles in 3 cups water and drain and keep aside.
Then immerse  the cooked falooda noodles in the saffron added milk and keep it the fridge for at least one hour.

Soak and peel the almonds and pistachios.Chop finely.Then chop the cashews and transfer all the nuts in the bowl and keep aside.

Now to assemble  ice cream falooda :
In a tall glass half cup of chilled falooda noodles with some saffron milk,then  2 tbsp soaked basil seeds and rose water milk or rooh hafza milk.Then add 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.then pour rest of the saffron noodles milk and  top it with  chopped nuts.

Serve it with the tall spoon.If want more sweet drizzle little rose syrup or rooh hafza.

For the detailed recipe please check Minnie's blog. Thanks a lot Minnie for sharing this wonderful dessert.