Saturday, 18 May 2013

Easy Bread Pizza

A simply made dish and very delicious snack at anytime of the day.

big size sandwich bread slices
mixed vegetables (onion,tomato,capsicum,mushrooms,olives etc..) your choice..
pizza sauce or tomato sauce
grated mozzarella cheese
oregano,pepper powder and red chillies flakes
salt -to taste.

Depending upon your taste, you adjust the quantity of the above said  ingredients.

Steps to follow:
Slice the vegetables of your choice ,sprinkle salt to taste and mix well. Keep aside.
 Spread a spoon full of butter on each bread slice.
 Then spread two spoons of pizza sauce or tomato sauce.
 Arrange the sliced vegetables on bread slices.
 Put grated cheese on top,sprinkle powdered pepper,oregano and chilli flakes.I sprinkled oregano and pepper powder on top.
Preheat the oven  to medium temperature. Bake or grill in the oven till cheese melts but careful not to burn the bread.
 Now the easy bread pizza is ready to serve.

 Serve on plates immediately. Enjoy!

Sending this to Meena's Try My Recipes Event & Giveaway.


Rita Bose said...

Looks yummy and delicious!

Meena B said...

hey asiya ur bread pizza has come out good

thanks for linking

Rita Bose said...

Bread pizza looks super-yummy! :)

Shweet Spicess said...

I can eat anything with bread slices :D Loving this!!

Priya Anandakumar said...

Love the bread pizza, its lunch time here wish I could have it...

Divya Shivaraman said...

Loved your mini grill...ofcourse this easy pizza looks amazing

Rafeeda AR said...

it's a quick and tasty snack...

nisha s said...

Yummy Bread pizza!!

Neela Manogar said...

Innovative recipe.

Reni said...

Great idea ! yum !