Sunday, 17 February 2013

King Prawn Briyani

king prawn - 25 pieces, peeled, deveined and rinsed.
basmati rice - 500 gm
large onions sliced - 2
medium tomato sliced - 2
ginger garlic paste - 2 tbsp
garam masala - 1 tsp( cinnamon,cardamom and clove mix)
chilli powder - 1 tsp
turmeric powder - quarter tsp
cumin powder,fennel powder - each half tsp
fresh yogurt -100- 150 ml
lime juice - 2 tbsp
green chilli - 4
chopped coriander & mint leaves - each quarter cup
oil - 100 ml
ghee - 50 ml
2 pinch saffron mixed with 4 tbsp milk or pinch orange red colour
salt - to taste.

Serves - 4-5

Steps to follow:
Marinate the prawns with 2 tsp gg paste, half tsp chilli powder, quarter tsp turmeric powder, 1tbsp lime juice  and salt to taste.
Soak the rice for half an hour.
 Grease the heavy based pan and add the marinated prawns.Cook until all the water gets reduced.
 Heat oil ghee mix in a heavy bottomed vessel add sliced onion stir till golden brown,add ginger garlic paste garam masala and stir well in a low flame, add nicely chopped tomatoes,green chilli,and chopped coriander,mint  leaves and add little salt Close with lid and leave the  tomatoes to cook.,then add half tsp chilli powder,cumin,fennel powder, and stir well,add beaten curd and low the fire,let the oil oozes out.Transfer the cooked prawns to the briyani masala in the vessel, mix well and check the salt to taste.

Meanwhile  in a vessel add the soaked rice and add salt to taste  in a  boiling water and cook for 5-10 minutes,then drain.
 Then cover with drained rice and smooth the surface gently Sprinkle 1 tbsp lime juice and pour the  saffron milk or colour added milk over the rice.Place the  piece of aluminium foil  directly on top.Cover and steam gently over a low heat for 15 minutes.
 Gently toss the rice and prawns.Serve hot with onion  raitha.

Now the delicious prawn briyani  is ready to serve.

Check  this recipe in my tamil blog .


angelin said...

Thanks Asiya ..i used to mix all the ingredients at the same time .thats why prawn always looks white ..your recipe is very nice .shall try your version .

Julie said...

yummy prawn biriyani,love it!

Sumi said...

got the perfect colour there for the biriyani :) love to try it.

Gulsum Basheer said...

Asiya, I am following your blog and find all the recipes easy to make. My DIL Mariam says she runs to your blog when in doubt. Good Show!.

Priya said...

Feel like inviting myself to your place Akka, irresistible briyani..

Unknown said...

Asiya akka Cant believe..yestrday only I requestd mom to make this.But she was saying like that i hve to try this own and let her know.I just amazed on seeing receipe on your blog....nice flavorable briyani..gonna try one day and let my mom taste it.
Thank you for blog.

Maha Gadde said...

very innovative recipe dear..

Love to Experiment said...

Very nice recipe. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Loved your other recipes too... I am your new follower

Ummu Azi said...

love this prawn biriyani...

Latha Madhusudhan said...

Love this biryani. Makes me hungry now.

Rumana Ambrin said...

My all time fav:)

nisha s said...

awww...this looks absolutely delicious.. im making it right away.. :)

divya said...

looks absolutely delicious..

Jaleela Kamal said...

sss mouthwatering biriyani

Amy said...

yummy Briyani with king delicious...
Thanks a lot for sharing with the event....