Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Home Style Briyani Masala & Chicken Briyani

Home Style Briyani Masala
cardamom -6- 8
cloves - 6- 8
cinnamon - 3- 4 pieces
poppy seeds -2 tsp
white pepper - 1 tsp
cumin seeds - 1 tsp
fennel seeds - 2  tsp

Slightly dry roast the above ingredients and powder together. Use this masala for 1 kg Rice/ Chicken /Mutton  Briyani. Number of Cardamom,Cloves,Cinnamon adding 6 or 8  is depending upon your taste & flavour.
Or if it is not available you can simply use garam masala or briyani masala 2 tsp  instead of home style briyani masala..
Chicken Briyani:

Chicken  pieces -1kg-  1200 gm
Basumati Rice - 1 kg
cardamom, cloves, cinnamon - each 2- 3 piece
ginger garlic paste - 3 tbsp
Bay Leaves -  2
chilli powder -1+ 1tsp
green chillies - 6
onions - 5 thinly sliced (400 gm)
tomato - 5 thinly sliced ( 400 gm)
curd - half cup
lime - 1
coriander & mint leaves  chopped - each half cup
oil /ghee mix - 250 ml
( oil - 150 ml, ghee - 100 ml )
saffron 2 pinch or orange red colour dissolved in milk.
salt - to taste.

Serves - 8-10.

Steps to follow:
Rinse the chicken thoroughly  and finally add half tsp turmeric powder and rinse and drain it.
Mix with chicken, curd, chilli powder,half  briyani masala and 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste and salt to taste.Marinate at least for half an  hour.
Rinse and soak the rice for half an hour.
Heat oil ghee mix in a heavy bottomed vessel,add whole cardamom,clove and cinnamon (few),then fry onion till golden brown.
Add remaining  gg paste,remaining half briyani masala,green chilli, chopped coriander & mint leaves stir in a a low flame.
Then add chopped tomatoes,chillies, 1 tsp chilli powder(optional), and salt to taste.Close with lid for 5 minutes,let the tomatoes cooked till soft.
Add marinated chicken and stir well and close,cook for 5 minutes.Squeeze lime juice.
Mean while boil  enough water in a vessel ,add rice, salt and cook the rice till 75 percent done.Drain it.
Then cover with  drained cooked hot  rice and smooth the surface gently. Pour the saffron milk or colour added milk over the rice.Place the piece of aluminium foil on top.Cover and steam gently over a very low heat for 15-20 minutes.Switch off the stove.
Allow it to keep closed for at least 15 minutes.Garnish the briyani with fried onions and nuts.(optional)
Then mix gently and serve hot with onion raitha and boiled eggs.


Nabanita Das said...

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Nice aromatic Biriyani Masala...

Nabanita Das said...

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