Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Traditional Nonbu Kanji / Porridge

Light and Tasty ,this creamy porridge is multi- purpose.It makes a wonderful warming, an appetizing quick meal and also  healthy meal for any time.
raw rice -150-  200 gm
moong dal ( a hand ful -optional)
onion - 100 gm
medium size tomato - 1
green chilli - 4
chopped coriander -2 tbsp
mint leaves -2  tbsp
ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp
garlic - 6-8  cloves
coconut milk -2 cups or  to taste (medium thickness)
oil - 2 tsp
ghee - 2 tsp
curry leaves - few
salt - to taste
Kanji Podi / Powder
1 tsp cumin seeds,  half tsp fenugreek seeds  and half tsp fennel seeds
2 clove,2 cardamom, a small piece cinnamon  and grind it together.
or you can add only cumin and fenugreek seeds.

 Serves - 4 - 6
If everything is ready duration 30 minutes.

Steps to follow:
 Wash and soak the rice for 1 hour.Then add the rice along with 7-8  cups water in a pressure cooker.
Get ready with all the things.
 Then add chopped onion,tomato,chopped coriander,mint leaves,garlic,green chilli,and kanji powder and gg paste to it.
 Cook in a low flame for  15 minutes or for 4-5 whistles.After pressure released open the cooker and mash well.Add salt.
 In a pan add ghee oil mix when it is hot add one tbsp chopped onion and few curry leaves.stir onion until light pink colour .Add coconut milk.When the bubble comes switch off the flame.
 Add seasoned coconut milk to the kanji in the pressure cooker.Mix well. Add  1-2  cup hot  water to your consistency.
 Now the delicious nonbu kanji is ready. Serve with pakora,vadai,pajji or any chutni or pachadi or thokku. This is the way we used to  prepare Islamic traditional  Nonbu kanji / Iftar Porridge in our house.
You can add finally cooked mutton keema or cooked shredded chicken or cooked veg mix or moringa leaves or fried fish pieces or cooked variety pulses mix  to this kanaji.
Check here for Video Kanji Recipe.

Sending this to Nabanita's Giveaway -Home spice powders.


Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Yummy and healthy :-)

PT said...

healthy and yummylicious..

Ramya Krishnamurthy said...

so authentic and healthy

Rinku Naveen said...

That's interesting! Never tried this

Nabanita Das said...

An Yumm Porridge Love this one...

Swathi Iyer said...

Love your version of kanji

divya said...

looks yummy n healthy...

Helen Prabha said...

Looks very healthy & yummy...:-)


Shailaja Reddy said...

Healthy n interesting...

Julie said...

authentic & healthy kanji:)
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Sangeetha Priya said...

Healthy n yummy preparation, loved it!!!

Priya said...

Healthy and very light kanji.

Latha Madhusudhan said...

gr8 to have it hot right. Looks so delicious.

Maha Gadde said...

Looks very delicious...yumm

Saras said...

Filling and healthy recipe. Thanks for linking the same..

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Dhanabalan G said...

Asiya akka,yesterday I sent a comment with queries reg this recipe,it was visible for a while in the blog and after that I couldn't able to view it.Can u check it plz?I don't know y I am not able to view it today which I could yesterday.Kindly check it plz.
My friends who always makes your recipes told me that they get your quick reply & help always if any query from your recipes they asked for.And with that hope that i will get reply from u I got all the ingredients to make it today.
If your time not permits that u r very busy to reply,den please make sure that we can able to clear it through the recipe.
Thanks asiya akka.

Asiya Omar said...

@ Dhanabalan said//

Asiya akka,such a healthy,yummy and authentic nombu kanji.Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.I have had it in my friend's house,it is very very tasty.As your explanations and pictorial respresentation are very very clear anybody can make it,going to make it rightaway once I get the reply from you and share my feedback once I am done.I have some queries in this recipe,plz help.
You have mentioned 150 gm to 200gm of raw rice in the recipe.Can I get the exact measures of raw rice (in gm) for the best taste depending upon other ingredients in the recipe.And howmany hours I have to soak it to leave for 4 to 5 whistles.
Can I get tomato in gram measures.
About howmany teaspoons of kanji powder we have to use for this recipe.
Coconut milk - 2 cup,what is the one cup measure in ml for this recipe?
As we are new to cooking,your reply will really help us to make it good to taste this awesome nombu kanji.
Kindly reply for us and expecting your reply very eagerly.

Asiya Omar said...

Sorry that I coldn't reply you immediately.I was busy with weekend outing and lazy too.
No probs,I'll clear your doubts now..Thanks, thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

200 gm raw rice ,soak it for 1 hour.100gn - 0nion ,100g tomato, and then the kanji podi nearly - 1 tbsp
coconut milk 2 cup - 400 ml
Use 5 or 7 litre cooker.
It serves 6 persons.
Carefully go thro the steps to follow I mentioned.Thats all.

Dhanabalan G said...

Asiya akka,many many thanks to you for your help in replying us.Actually we were just waiting for your answers to make it ,as today is off,we thought of making it and having it hot.We followed your measures,methods step by step exactly and we got the wonderful result.It came out superb & it was just melting in our mouth,lovely recipe asiya akka,very healthy one.This one is sure a keeper recipe,we love to have it anytime.I have had many times in my life,but this is the best one among all that I ever had.Such a simple recipe but heavenly taste,we were wondering about the taste.vivarikka mudiyatha suvai.
Asiya akka,naanum Tirunelveli thann,Palayamkottai.
Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe.

Dhanabalan G said...

Asiya akka,I like to make ''murungaikeerai kanji' from your blog.
Going to make kanji seperate & murungaikeerai preparation seperate and finally while having it we would like to mix it & have.
For this measure of kanji(prepared with 200gm rice),howmuch below can be added for preparing murungaikeerai seperately.
Jeera(tsps),chopped onions(in cups),chopped garlic(in tbsp or tsp),murungaikeerai (in cups)
We too have 200ml cup measures.
In curiosity we got murungaikeerai from Indian shops today.Expecting ur clear reply as b4 to try this yummy & healthy recipe,once I am done I let u know the feedback.Thanks.

Dhanabalan G said...

Asiya akka,expecting your reply to make it this evening.
Kindly help,plz.Thanks.

Asiya Omar said...

Dhanabalan, for murungaikeerai kanji,oil& ghee mix,
JEERA - Half tsp,onion - half cup, garlic - 1 tbsp(chopped)murungakeerai - 2 cups
just stir fry till soft with above ingredients and add the coconut milk,salt to taste,when the bubble comes add to prepared kanji.Adjust with hot water for the required consistency.Thats all enjoy.

Asiya Omar said...

Dhanabalan,after preaparing the kanji instead of adding seasoned coconut milk, add the murungaikeerai coconut milk preaparation o.k.? Hope everything understood.

Dhanabalan G said...

Asiya akka,I understood clearly.
Many many thanks to u for helping us in queries.
Soaked the rice already,preparing the rest.
Ghee & oil mix howmuch in measure.Nomore doubts.
Thanks,once done let u know the outcome today.

Asiya Omar said...

dhanabalan 1 tbsp - oil & 2 tsp ghee.
ok bye brothe, enjoy!

Dhanabalan G said...

Asiya akka, i have given comment under 'murungaikeerai kanji' recipe in your tamil blog.