Friday, 4 January 2013

Arisi Maavu Kozhukattai / Rice Flour Kozhukattai

roasted red rice flour or puttu maavu - 1cup
chopped onion - 2tbsp
grated coconut - 2 tbsp
finely chopped green chilli - 1 
chopped coriander & curry leaves - 1tbsp
salt to taste.

Serves - 2
Duration - 30 minutes.

Steps to follow:
 In a bowl add flour, chopped onion,grated coconut,chopped chilli,coriander, curry leaves and salt to taste.
Mix well. Add half cup water and again mix well,  keep aside for 10 minutes.
Then mix the flour nicely.Take the small portion of flour on your palm make small small kozhukattai (oval shape balls).

Pour 2-3 cups of water  in a lower vessel of steamer or idli vessel,then  add a thin wet cloth on idli pan then transfer the kozhukattai. Close it with lid. Steam cook for 10 minutes.
Now the delicious arisi maavu kozhukattai is ready to serve.
Serve hot with sugar or coconut chutney or sambar..
This kozhukattai is normal breakfast in our home town and we used to have weekly once.
Click here to watch video.

Click here to check Nel/ Arisi maavu Preparation.

Sending this recipe to Saraswathi's Dish in 30 minutes - Rice Recipes and Giveaway.and Sending this to Gayathri's 

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Divya Pramil said...

Looks too good akka, my grandma used to make this for me :)
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Kitchen Queen said...

Healthy yet flavorful dish.

Shailaja Reddy said...

Healthy n by steaming doesn't loose nutritional values..

divya said...

looks delicious n yummy

Priya said...

Love this savoury kozhukattais very much, my favourite too.

Ramya Krishnamurthy said...

healthy and am always drooling for this.

Saras said...

Adding onions to modak is new to me. Looks healthy and easy breakfast..
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PT said...

adding onion is new to me.. very delicious..

Gayathri Kumar said...

I love savoury kozhukkattai. They look so delicious and super inviting...