Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Award Time..!

Friends, this time bags of awards to show you all.
It 's a great pleasure to recieve awards from my friends who are amazing bloggers.

  Winner Award from Nithu's Kitchen  for Healthy Food  for Healthy kids -  Healthy Chat for Kids.

And again, The Best Presentation Award  from Nithu 's Kitchen for her 3rd Blog Anniversary - Thanks Nithubala.

This Participation Certicate from Sarasyummybites  -Event conducted in the month November-'12.Thanks Saraswathi.

This Participation Certificate  from South Vs North Challenge Contest. - 1 - Oct '12.

And again the Winning Certificate and Trophy for our Southern Team for November -'12. SNC - 2 Thanks  Divya.

And Finally Sunshine Award from  Pallavi  Purani - Cook -Eat- Burrrp. Thanks Pallavi.

The Rules:
  • If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you.
  • You must answer some questions and nominate 10 fellow bloggers and link their blogs in your post. Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them!
Now as per the rules.. here comes the questions:
  1. Who is your favourite philosopher? Gandhiji
  2. What is your favourite number?  / 4
  3. What is your favourite animal?  / Camel
  4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs? ---
  5. What is your favorite time of day? Evening hours
  6. What was your favourite vacation? / Our Home town 
  7. What is your favorite physical activity? / Walking
  8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? / Any fresh fruit juice
  9. What is your favorite flower? /  Rose
  10. What is your passion? / Cooking / Reading / Writing /Blogging
And this  Sunshine Award goes to 

Sangeetha Nambi


Sangeetha Nambi said...

First of all, my wishes for ur loads of awards and Thanks so much for sharing it to me as well...

Divya Pramil said...

Congrats on all those awards akka :) You totally deserve it!! And thank you so much for sharing it with me :) Interesting questions will post about this soon :)
SNC - 2 Round up

Bhavna Bagri said...

Thank you so much for sharing this award with me asiya....congratulation for your award....wish you many more in future!!!

Ramya Krishnamurthy said...

congrats sis.thanks for sharing sis.though i am a new friend to you,you give me award.thank u so much sis.

Jillu said...

Lovely Asiya akka.... Congrats for ur lovely awards....

faiza kader said...

Congrats on all those awards akka ...

PT said...

congrats on a big list of awards :) and thanks for sharing with me too..

Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

congrats for the awards akka.. u deserve for all... n thank u so much for sharing with me...
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Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Congrats Asiya for the award and sharing it with me :-)
You truly deserve an award !!! Great going :-)

Sangeetha Priya said...

Congrats for the award winners n thks Akka for sharing it with me :-)

Jay said...

congrats dear..:)
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Julie said...

Congrats Asiya,wishing many more dear!
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Shama Nagarajan said...

Congrats Akka !!! . Join me in <a href="http://>Poha Event</a>