Thursday, 1 November 2012

Feast of Sacrifice Event - Recieved Entries

Thanks friends for your  wonderful support and delicious recipes. I have received   more than 140 recipes. Please  Check Here.

First most  number of recipes were linked by Sherin from Kukskitchen - 31
Second most number of recipes were linked by Jillu from Jiya's delicacy - 16 
Third most number of recipes were linked by  Snehidhi from en- iniyaillam - 12 
And the other lovely participants are


 Sara -5  
Myself - 3

Thalika  through mail  

Carrot Halwa   

grated carrot - 2 cups
milk powder - 1 kap
sugar - 1 cup
coarsely ground pistchios - 1/4 cup(reserve some for final presentation)
ghee  - 4 Tablespoons 
cardamom powdered - 1/4 Spuun
raisins and cachews few roasted in ghee
Heat a pan and add grated carrots and ghee saute it well till the raw smell goes off
stir in the milk powder with 3/4 cup of water and make it in to a paste and add this to the sauted carrots
saute it well with the carrots untill the milk is completly absorbed
then add the pistachois,sugar,roasted rains ,cashews and cardamom and saute it for two more minutes untill it becomes dry
Yummy carrot Halwa is ready

Mango kulfi
mango - 1
condensed milk - 4 tablespoons
milk powder - 3/4 cup
sugar - 3 teaspoons
to garnish
chopped pistchios - 2 teaspoons
few strands of saffron
chop the mango..grind together chopped mango+condensed milk+sugar+milk powder and make it in to fine paste ..pour these in to moulds and freeze for 6 hrs..garnish with saffron and chopped pistachois before serving.. 

If I missed your names or recipes please  comment here or contact through mail.
Results will be announced soon. Best wishes.


Sherin said...

Congrats on this wonderful and successful event dear. I am proud to be the one with most entrees :-)

Shabbu said...

Lovely event...I am happy to be a part of this nice event..
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