Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nithu's Recipes - Cook-Taste- Post - Event & Giveaway

Nithu's kitchen is always for simple and quick veg recipes.This month  Nithu  announced her 3rd Blog Anniversary Event & Giveaway.
I tried some recipes that's really awesome..!

Spicy Chickpea Sundal

Ennai Kathirikkai Kuzhambu

Thakkaali Saadam

Semiya Payasam

Try her various recipes and enjoy!

Tasty Healthy Salad & Sandwich

2-3  lettuce leaves
1 small carrot
1 small cucumber
1 small onion
1 cherry tomato
sliced black &green olives - each 1 tbsp
Any ready made  salad dressing - Italian or French or Thousand Island - 2-3 tbsp or to taste

for sandwich:
salad - 2-3 tbsp
sandwich bun or sandwich bread slices.
homemade french fries few

Steps to follow:
Wash and slice the vegetables.
Place the sliced vegetables in the salad bowl. Add any ready made dressing to it. Mix well.Serve immediately. I used french dressing here.

Yummy Tasty Healthy  Salad and Sandwich is ready to would love to have this..

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fried Chicken Briyani

chicken pieces - 750 gm
basumati rice - 600 gm
chicken 65 masala - 1 tbsp
chopped onion - 200 gm
chopped tomato - 200gm
green chilli -3
lime - 1 small size
yogurt - 1 tbsp
chilli powder - 1 tsp
ginger garlic paste - 2 tbsp
garam masala - 1 tsp
chopped coriander & mint leaves - each half cup
oil -150ml
ghee - 50ml

lemon yellow colour - pinch 
or 2 pinch saffron dissolved in quarter cup milk.
salt - to taste.

Steps to follow:
Clean, wash  the chicken pieces and drain it.  Then in a bowl add chicken pieces,1 tbsp yogurt, 1tbsp ginger garlic paste,chicken 65 masala 1 tbsp and salt to taste.Mix well and keep aside.Soak the rice for 30 minutes.

Heat  4 tbsp oil in a pan add the chicken pieces and fry both sides and keep aside.

In a briyani vessel heat remaining oil and ghee ,add chopped onion fry till golden brown,then add  1 tbsp ginger garlic paste stir fry for a minute,then add garam masala,chopped corinader &mint leaves,green chillies, and saute well.Then add chopped tomatoes , chilli powder  and add salt to taste.Cook till tomatoes are soft.

In a seperate vessel add enough water to boil, add soaked rice,salt to taste .when it is 70 percent cooked drain the rice and keep aside. Arrange the fried chicken pieces in briyani vessel. Sprinkle the lime juice and add few chopped coriander and mint leaves.
Then spread the cooked rice over it. Sprinkle saffron milk or lemon yellow colour. Close the lid. Keep the flame to very low and under the briyani vessel keep old dosa avoid burning..Keep it  for  10-15 minutes.

Open the lid after 10 minutes, mix it gently and serve.

Delicious Fried Chicken Briyani is ready to serve. Serve with dalcha and raita.

Sending this to My Feast of Sacrifice Event.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Pani Puri

ready made or home made puri 
to make puris:
wheat flour - half cup
sooji - 1 cup
baking soda - 2 pinch
salt - to taste
oil - to fry.
to make stuffing:
cooked mashed potato -2
cooked greengram  - 1 cup
cooked channa - 1 cup
Sev,boondi - each half cup

to make pani:
mint leaves - a handful
coriander leaves - half handful
green chilli -2
cumin seeds-1 tsp
crushed jaggery - 2 tbsp
chat masala -half tsp
tamarind -small  goose berry size
salt - to taste

to make sweet & sour chutney :
dates -6 number
raisins- 1tbsp
tamarind - gooseberry size
crushed jaggery - 2 tbsp
chilli powder- half tsp
salt- to taste

Steps to follow.
Ina bowl mix wheat flour,sooji,salt,baking soda mix well.Add water little by little and knead to soft dough.Keep aside.
After half an hour divide into balls and roll out thin rotis.Make them small round shape and fry it carefully in the medium hot oil.
Now the puris are ready.

 To make pani:
In a blender add coriander,mint leaves ,chilli,cumin seeds,jaggery,salt to taste and add little water and paste it.Then in a vessel add this paste and add 3 cups water and boil it,

 Then strain it in a bowl.
Then mix the chat masala ,cool and  store it in a refrigerator.

To make sweet and sour chutney:
Soak dates,raisins,tamarind in half cup water.Add chili powder,jaggery,salt with soaked one
paste it with little water and drain it.

 Then boil it in a vessel adding with half cup of  water.

When it becomes thick transfer it to a bowl cool and keep aside.

How to serve the panipuri :
In a bowl add mashed potaoes,cooked greengram, channa and add salt to taste and mix well.

While serving make a hole in puris fill the stuffing and add sweet and sour chutney, add boondi and sev and fill it with chilled pani and serve immediately.
To make chaat,  mix crushed puri,cooked channa, greengram, mashed potato  and chutneys altogether  in the bowl with puffed rice garnish with coriander leaves,boondi and sev.
Serve immediately.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bhelpuri Chaat - South Vs North Challenge - 1

Divya Pramil of "You too can cook Indian food " started this South Vs North Challenge Event.Thanks a lot Divya.

I belong to Southern Group so I am sending this recipe since the North group challenged us. 
Linking this Bhelpuri Chat to Divya Pramil's SNC hosted by Shruti Rasoi.

I can say this Bhelpuri Chat brings the streets of North India home.Thanks Shruti. We all really enjoyed it.


1 cup puffed rice
1/4 cup sev
4-5 papri (fried 
2 tbsp fried peanuts
1 boiled potato
 Chopped veggies (onion,tomato,cucumber)
2 tbsp tamarind chutney
2 tbsp green mint chutney
Lemon juice
Salt taste

For  Papri :
1Cup Maida
1/2Tsp Jeera
1Tbsp Oil
Salt to taste
Water to knead
Oil to fry

Add flour, jeera, salt and oil in a mixing bowl.Mix well, add water little by little and knead them to form a dough.Cover and keep aside for half an hour.Then roll it using rolling pin to a thin sheet and cut into small circles.Heat oil and fry them in batches.Drain them in kitchen tissues and keep aside.

For Tamarind Chutney :
100 gms Tamarind
150 gms Jaggery
1Tsp Jeera, Roasted and Powdered
1 Tsp Red chilli powder
1/2 Tsp Black Salt
1/2 Tsp Dry ginger powder
Salt to taste

Add 2  and half cups of boiled water to tamarind and keep aside for half an hour.Extract juice from it and boil in a heavy bottomed pan.Add jaggery, red chilli powder, Jeera powder, black salt, dry ginger powder and salt.Mix well and boil them until the chutney becomes semi thick.Remove and keep aside.

For Mint - Coriander Chutney :
1/2 Bunch Coriander leaves
1 Bunch Mint leaves
1 Raw Mango, chopped 
2 Green chillies
1/4 Tsp Jeera 
Salt to taste,

Add Mint, coriander leaves, chopped Mango, green chillies, jeera and salt in a mixie.Grind to a smooth paste by adding water.Remove and keep aside.

For garnishing:

  Fresh coriander leaves
Raw mango (peeled and finely chopped)

Steps to Follow:

Add crushed papri in a bowl.

Add puffed rice.
Now add the tamarind and mint chutneys.

Then add cooked mashed potato and chopped onion,tomato and coriander leaves.
Then add peanuts, lime juice and mix well. Mix gently till the mixture gets coated well with chutneys.

Garnish them with chopped raw mango, sev and coriander leaves.
Yummy Bhelpuri chaat is ready to serve.
Serve immediately.

Linked to SNC.

And also sending this recipe to Nithu's Healthy Chat for Kids.