Saturday, 25 August 2012

Raw Vegetable Salad

Salads is a fresh, crisp accompaniment to meals.Salads can be made with a wide range of ingredients like combination of vegetables,fruits,cheese, cold meats,poultry and seafood.The ingredients are generally added raw or blanched.Most salads are served chilled,but several are served at room temperature.Arrangement and colour are important for this dish.

I make a salad just like this everyday.
carrot - 1
cucumber - 1
onion- 1
tomato -1
shredded cabbage/ lettuce - 1 cup
small lime -1
salt and pepper- to taste.

Serves - 2

Place cabbage and lettuce on a flat dish.Then arrange sliced carrot, cucumber, onion and finally sliced tomatoes on top.Squeeze the lime, add salt and pepper(optional) to taste.
Healthy Raw Veg Salad is ready to serve.


faseela said...

healthy salad....

Mélange said...

Of course healthy and fresh dear !

PT said...

always healthy :)