Monday, 11 June 2012

Kids Veg Pancake

Veg pancake is very quick to make, healthy and nutritious. This is rich in vitamins, minerals and protiens. Introducing veggies and eggs to your babies is very important. This is an apt dish.


mixed vegetables - half cup(like carrot,capsicum,cabbage,corinader leaves)

chopped onion- 2 tbsp

egg - 1

wheat flour - 2 tbsp

fresh curd - 1 tbsp

baking soda - pinch

pepper and salt - to taste

oil & ghee mix - 1 tbsp

(Serves - 2)

Step to follow:

Chop the veggies and onion and stir fry with one tsp oil or cook in the oven for 1 minutes.

Then in a blender add curd, egg, wheat flour, chopped onion and veggies, salt , pepper to taste,little water and mix well.

Transfer the pancake mix to a bowl, add pinch of baking soda and little water and salt if needed. Mix well.

Heat the non stick dosa pan, add oil ghee mixture and pour the pan cake mix to small round shape.

Sprinkle little oil & ghee mix and turn when it is cooked until golden brown colour.

Now the Kids Veg Pancake is ready to serve. Cut into bite like pieces and serve to babies. Just like this we can make mixed fruits pan cake also.


Priya said...

I can have it anytime,simply inviting and irresistible..

PT said...

lovely presentation..

Rekha said...

looks good and awesome..

faseela said...

healthy pan cake....yum

bhavna said...

wow looks yummy and healthy too...

Sonali Pradhan said...

superb dear !!! a perfect way to feed kids veggies!!!

Reshmi Ahmed said...

Which kid will say no to such beautiful small pancakes ???? A must try ! Thank you Asiya for sharing this with Healthy Morsels-Baby and Toddler Foods :)

Julie said...

Healthy & inviting ones!!

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Packya said...

healthy food..superb

Kavitha said...

Very healthy snack..

Mahi said...

I can have it as well Asiya Akka! ;) cute n delicious pancakes! :P

hemalata said...

Yummy pan cakes n nice presentation.

Asiya Omar said...

Thanks friends for the lovely comments.

Spice up the Curry said...

pancakes looks so delicious. awesome recipe

PT said...

Please collect your award @ ""

Reshmi said...

first time here. wonderful space with step by step pictorial instructions.
love to follow u!!

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Supriya's Rasoi said...

Hi Asiya the pancakes looks very healthy and easy to make.I am ur new follower do visit my space in ur free time.