Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Date Pudding


Dates - 1 cup (finely chopped)

sugar - half cup

butter - 2 tbsp or more

milk - 1 cup

sodium -bi -carbonate - 1/2  tsp

flour no 1 (maida)- 1 cup

vanilla essence - 1/2 tsp

to garnish - few cherries.

Serves - 6-8 persons.

Steps to follow:

In a pan combine chopped dates,sugar,butter,milk and place on a low flame.

Stir till the sugar is dissolved and the mixture just begins to boil.

Remove from fire and allow it to cool completely.

Add the vanilla essence ,flour sifted with baking powder.

Mix Well.

Pour in a greased aluminium or stainless silver vessel and cover witha piece of aluminium foil, so that the steam and water cannot enter into the mixure.

In a pressure cooker pour three cups of water and place the cooking plate in it.When the water boils, place the covered vessel in it.Cover pressure cooker with the lid, put weight, steam for half an hour in a medium flame.

Cool the pudding for 15 minutes.

And turn on the serving plate then cut into pieces. Super Sponge Date pudding is ready to serve.

Ingredients for Custard: (optional)

Milk - 1/2 litre

vanilla Custard powder -2- 3tbsp

Sugar - 4 tbsp or to taste
Mix custard powder with half cup milk.Heat the remaining milk ,when it begins to boil add the custard powder mixture to the milk, stirring till the custard boils and thickens.Add sugar mix well and remove from fire. Cool and serve.

Garnish with cherries and serve with custard.

As Nithu said, Desserts create smiles, laughter, and sweet aromas that fill the house with deliciousness, so I am sending this recipe to Cook. Eat. Delicious -Desserts hosted by Nithu ,, Amina's Guest Quest and Healthy Morsels - Baby and Toddler Foods.


Mahi said...

Nice pudding Asiya Akka! Looks like steamed cake! ;)

இமா said...

me too...

tempting Asiya.

Priya said...

Wow pudding looks fantastic,healthy and super spongy..

Sonali Pradhan said...

wow...superb pudding...loved it absolutely !!!!!!!

Shabbu said...

yummy and nice pudding...
Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

Julie said...

Yummilicious with dates pudding!!

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Viya said...

Delicious dates and yummy cake recipe:)

PrathibhaSreejith said...

Awesome dates pudding, sounds super delicious :-)

Jay said...

its very rich n lovely...nice presentation
Tasty Appetite

schmetterlingwords said...

A very different and lovely pudding with dates Asiya :) Sure to try once.. Thank you for linking this with Healthy Morsels - Baby and Toddler foods :)

Asiya Omar said...

Thanks friends for the lovely comments.

சிநேகிதி said...

thanks for linking this recipe to my event and using the logo. Expecting more recipes from you