Sunday, 13 May 2012

Baked / Steamed Apple Pudding

apples - 1/2 kg (3 apples)
honey - 4 tbsp
lime juice- 2 tbsp
cinnamon powder - 1/2 tsp
bread slices - 8 (if using large sandwich bread, use only 5 slices)
butter- 5 tbsp
sugar - 4 tbsp
raisins- 3 tbsp
chopped walnuts - 3 tbsp
milk - 1/2 cup

to garnish - few cherries and pistachios.

Steps to Follow:
Break bread slices into tiny pieces. Melt Butter, add bread an sugar.
Cook Stirring till the crumbs turn rich brown in colour.Add milk.Mix in the raisins and walnuts.
Peel , core and slice the apples. Take a baking dish,First Arrange 1/2 the apple slices in it.Trickle with 1/2 the amount of honey.Sprinkle 1/2 the lime juice and 1/2 the cinnamon powder on top.Then cover it witha remaining apples ,top it with remaining honey ,lime juice,and cinnamon powder.

Cover the baking dish with its lid. Preheat the electric oven at 250 degree and bake it for 45 minutes or steam this in pressure cooker for half an hour. While steaming the vessel should cover with a piece of aluminium foil.
When it's done baking or steaming , let it cool down.

Just before serving invert the pudding on a serving plate or bowl.

Garnish with cherries and pistachios. Serve it with custard.


Sumi said...

Lovely pudding, perfect with a scoop of icecream. Have bookmnarked to make during the apple picking season.

Julie said...

healthy n delicious pudding,yummy yum!!
Thanx for linking it to my event dear,its already linked..:-)

Jaleela said...

super ingredients asiya.
mmm ( itha select panna avarkaLukku manasu varala)

Spice up the Curry said...

this apple pudding looks fantastic.

Mahi said...

Few apples are sitting in my fridge for a Long time..pudding looks good. Bookmarked!

asiyao said...

Thanks friends for the lovely comments.

சிநேகிதி said...

thanks for linking this recipe to my event and using the logo. Expecting more recipes from you