Sunday, 15 April 2012

This is what I have got to say...

I would like to share my wonderful experiences in getting my two lovely little ones.
When I got conceived everybody was obviously happy. I was at my in-laws house that time.Since my husband is the eldest son, my in-laws were eagerly waiting for their grand children. I remember each time somebody came to visit me they would bring a huge basket of fruits and snacks with them. I had to eat all those healthy food they got for me. Everybody was there for me to take care of healthy diet. There was a lovely grandma in my neighbourhood.She helped me a lot during pregnancy.

Just like everybody else I followed what the doctor said. I've got a really huge family with my two sisters and six sister in laws took care of me. When I was pregnant all my relatives invited me for a feast. Wow! Wow!

From the ninth month everyday around 7 p.m I used to apply gingelly oil all over my stomach and had a body bath with medium hot water. It will help for the normal delivery(grandma tip)
Even after my due date I didn't get pain, later they admitted me in the hospital..After 2 days I got pain in one morning and I had to bear the pain till night. And finally I had a normal delivery my sweet son was born. My husband was very helpful, he was there for through out. I returned home on 6 th day, I had a huge welcoming feast on 7 th day. The whole family gathered. My all sister in laws were with me to completely take care of me since I had lost my parents in my childhood.

From the experience I had from my first delivery I know how to keep myself prepared for the second baby.
I had an easy time in giving birth to our daughter, the huge bundle of joy.
After the third month of second delivery my husband took charge of everything.Till now for my loving husband, he considers me as the third child..:))))..That is what I have got to say ..

-Asiya Omar.


Mahi said...


Reshmi Ahmed said...

May your parents soul rest in peace and may Allah grant them the best place in Jannah !
Thats so sweet of your SILs to pamper you to such an extent, and we should always be thankful for having such loved ones around us.
Thats a very touching write-up Asiya. Felt your joy, excitement, anticipation, hope and all those experiences of a preggy mom !
Thank you so much Asiya for the constant support you have been providing us all through this event and sharing your experiences and sending this beautiful post to our Healthy Morsels-Pregnancy :)

Julie said...

Lovely Tips!

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Asiya Omar said...

Thanks a lot Mahi:))!

Thanks Reshmi for such an wonderful loving comment.

Thanks Julie.

schmetterlingwords said...

Salaams Asiya... this is a wonderful post. We can't thank you enough for writing such a beautiful post and sharing your cherished experiences with us.. :)

Yes indeed, getting pregnant is a lovely experience and brings loads of joy to everyone in the family... May the Almighty bless every married woman with His choicest blessings to bear a child... :)

halal foodie said...

Asiya , thats a wonderful post, I had similar experience , when I was 3 months pregnant I went to India n stayed there for 2 months with my mom n went through the same cycle of being invited for feasts n people getting food for me n gifts for me n the baby....even the maid :) good times :)

Rashida shaikh said...

Asslam u Alaikum,
Mashallah, Good to know about you and family. Thanks for visiting my place and leaving lovely comment. Hope to see you back.
I'm glad to follow you...

Achu's Amma's Kitchen said...

Thats very touching notes..i can gues ur feiling in that time...nice tips dear..

faseela said...

Wonderful post....lovely n touching 1 too...

Jay said...

lovely post..!
you have a blessed family indeed..god bless..;)
Tasty Appetite

Asiya Omar said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.